At 18 years just a noob author I’m…who dreams of getting published by HarperCollins one day.

English isn’t my mother tongue for I’m from Bengal in India but I write and deal in English. And grammatical mistakes are in our bloodline… Lmao.

Soft at heart and have a high level of adrenaline which makes me sad angry and happy even at tiny things… therefore even a lil’ tragic event in any book can make me cry and cry for a whole day…well god knows!!

Popularly dealing with romantic and erotica novels. I love to write stuff and specially love stories and heartbreak obviously…and wish be a published author someday… being an Indian author makes situation tough…its not easy to stand out as an author in the Indian market and not a chance in the global segment. But if I get a chance to be a published author someday then will surely be published under my name Sanyukta Paul, not using my pen name Rose.

I blow candles on 28th of September.

Love to paint and a fond of gd music and obviously passionate about reading…*not text books * but good fictions novels and much moreee…the feel of drowning in the the sense of literacy is the best feeling in the world.