You , once a while

Once a while we get to be free,talk regardless
Once a while we get to express,also talk without reason

Havent met any one this quricky
Nothing in the heart nothing as selfless
Could have meant the world for some
Can also come as a saviour of the day

Did get to know you in depth ,so did I know self
Wish I could still know more, So to know all around

Would it be the same again
Anytime can this be felt
Walking like a ducky
Making faces like Bree

Honour you will always have ,for a beacon you were in sign and celebration
Fawner would never be you,for reken you want to be today and everyday

Looking back had no remorse
Wanting for you to have a startling future
Hope the boldness wouldn’t dwindle
For you do inspire people to be self

Once a while people give aftershine, and you gave more
Once a while would remember some and will do you after time


That’s so nicely written. :heart:


Very well penned.
Keep sharing such lovely content :heart_eyes:


very well effort and nicely done too :clap::clap::clap:

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