You and me a bliss

Together let’s drive again
Heading to that unknown hill never found in the city where we live,
Together let’s climb on top to witness the whole town surrounded by a vast ocean that fascinates me,
Together let’s touch the sky that is almost reachable and never far,
Take a photograph that will remind me of everything,
A photograph of me without you in it.

Together let’s make our hearts burst by sharing our bad sides,
On how our mistakes made us human,
On how we always break the rules we commanded for ourselves
On how we never became the cup of tea for everyone,
And on how the unspoken words keep us alive yet killing us at the same time.

And together let’s go to that hidden place anew
And together let’s do what lovers do even we’re not supposed to
Allow that spot to be ours for a moment
For when the sunset appears,
I know you’ll return to your true home
After all, I am just your rendezvous’


Wow. :heart_eyes::heavy_heart_exclamation:


great work, liked the expressions mentioned.


Thank you so much

So romantic :heart:

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