YoAlfaaz | The Beginning (1.0)


The date is finally here for which the YoAlfaaz Team was preparing for so long. YoAlfaaz brings you an event for Music, Poetry and Storytelling.

If you are interested, the instructions/guidelines goes as follows:

  1. You can send your entries at https://goo.gl/forms/HPusKc62qlWRMCah2
  2. Only one entry per person is allowed.
  3. The event is live on Eventshigh.com and you can request to book a ticket there (₹50 per person). Once the shortlisting process is done, we’ll confirm the tickets for the shortlisted people. These people will receive a link where they can pay and finally have the ticket.
  4. There’s no language barrier, so you are free to perform in your language.
  5. Every contestant will be given only 5 minutes max to perform.
  6. Shortlisted performers will be contacted and informed in advance.
  7. The event will start exactly at 12:30 pm and you are advised to be there in time for smooth processing.
  8. Kindly carry screenshots of online tickets.
  9. The co-host for the event is Kunzum Travel Café which is also the venue for the event. The address is T-49, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi, Delhi – 110016 and if you are travelling with Metro then, Hauz Khas Village Metro Station would be the nearest for you.
  10. Audience is not allowed to take videos of the artists because we have professionals to do it. Moreover, it’s a live show so enjoy it.

For any query, the contact information is available in the poster above.

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