YoAlfaaz Relaunch Announcement


As we promised to relaunch your YoAlfaaz on 21st Feb, we present you the new YoAlfaaz.com. Visit the website and let your feelings flow through words.

Not just the website but, we also give you a new logo for YoAlfaaz. From this point onwards, YoAlfaaz will be represented by this new logo.

The new YoAlfaaz comes with a lot of new features which were absent in the old YoAlfaaz. We hope that these features will be good enough to make your experience way better on the website. Although, we’ll keep improving the website from time to time so that you experience only the best.

The website itself will tell you a lot about the new stuff but, going through FAQ is what we would suggest you.

Changes in category system!!
This is one of the most important changes that happened in YoAlfaaz. Instead of limiting your creativity to only a few writing types (like in old YoAlfaaz), we changed the categories to languages. In addition to that, we also have tags with many genres and different writing styles. The main motive of changing the category to languages is that, in case you only understand only one language then you can easily filter out the posts of that language. You won’t have to continuously see the languages which you just cannot understand. Similarly, tags will help you group posts based on genres and writing styles.

Addition and changes to the YoAlfaaz Team!!
Till this moment @thegurjyot was leading YoAlfaaz and @Ravi_Vashisth was in the supporting field. But, from this point onwards, Ravi Vashisth will take on the lead for YoAlfaaz and Gurjyot Singh will take a back seat (although he’ll always be here to foresee things). We know that Ravi will prove to be a good leader and open new paths for YoAlfaaz. But to reach new heights, your support is always the most important fuel.

Apart from that, we welcome @navjyotsingh.rajput to be the Community Manager and he’ll person responsible to manage everything on YoAlfaaz. We also bring your favourite old moderator @Wordsbyritti back to YoAlfaaz. There is also one new addition to the team @AkashJaiswal (Akash Jaiswal) who will be responsible for YoAlfaaz’s YouTube channel. So in case you are interested in having your videos posted from YoAlfaaz YouTube channel, feel free to contact him after a week(we still have to finalise a few stuff).

All the previous data is shifted to Old.YoAlfaaz.com, although it’s in read-only mode. You can log in to that website to find your posts but that’s the only thing allowed there. You are most welcomed to share those post to the new website as well.

This is all for this time but, starting from this day only we are entering a new phase of YoAlfaaz. So get ready as the journey is going to get a lot more interesting from now on. There’s a lot of stuff planned for YoAlfaaz and all will be unfolded in the coming months.

We hope that you keep supporting YoAlfaaz and keep sharing your alfaaz on YoAlfaaz.



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Thanks a lot @thegurjyot brother for this respect and opportunity. I’ll try my best to make all this a big success in coming future. New ways, idea and fields will be entertained and managed for future developments. Also, warm welcome to my friends @navjyotsingh.rajput , @AkashJaiswal and @Wordsbyritti , we’ll make YoAlfaaz a big big success.
Also, as you said, the community members are the main gemstones of us. I welcome everyone on our platform and hope we together will reach new heights day by day, month by month.


This is where it gets serious and a whole new diversion to this stream of holy words

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