YoAlfaaz Live Open Mic Event

YoAlfaaz is feeling very awesome to announce the very interesting news regarding live events. Yes, YoAlfaaz is going to start a new initiative of live open mic events on Instagram. Feeling exciting and curious? :wink: yes, we are going to give you new opportunities for live events too. Now, you will be live with us and will reach new writers, explore a much larger community.

How to participate?

You will be chosen at random from the requests we will get during this live event. All you have to do is, just come live and send us a request to get connected. Once our host accepts your request, it will be you, one of the few stars of tomorrow’s evening. :slightly_smiling_face:

Event Details

Date: 23rd May 2020
Time: Evening, 5 pm
Venue: Instagram Live

Event Guidelines

  1. You agree to maintain a nice decorum and will not use offensive words in your live show.
  2. You agree not to post any offensive or pinching comment in a live event for any participant.
  3. You agree not to abuse anyone no participant, no animal, no religion, no caste, or anything else by any means.
  4. You agree that you may or may not be connected to the live show if any issue happens.
  5. You agree that whatever you are going to present in your live is yours, no copyright or piracy is supported or will be accepted.