YoAlfaaz Groups

YoAlfaaz is feeling very glad and excited to announce our group feature, which will be available for all users. These groups will provide a variety of options and features to its users and promote the writing experience to the next level.

What are YoAlfaaz groups?

YoAlfaaz groups are groups that will allow users to apply for groups for some or many users. Users will be able to perform all activities available on YoAlfaaz in these groups.

Features of YoAlfaaz groups

YoAlfaaz groups give you various

Benefits for YoAlfaaz group owners

Group owners can

  • Add or remove
    Group Owners
    Group Members
  • Change Group preferences
  • Member Joining options
  • Group Visibility options
  • Member’s visibility options

Benefits for YoAlfaaz group members

Group members can do all stuff that YoAlfaaz offers to each of its members. Group members will not be bounded for group or YoAlfaaz alone members can participate in both without any hassle.

YoAlfaaz invites you to our group’s feature and wishes you very nice bright and interesting group interactions.

Note: Please use the Q&A category to clear your queries, if any.

with regards



Available options are:

  • Open to all

Group owners can set their groups open for all users, anyone (signed-in users only) can join the group via the Join button, as shown in the above picture.

  • Closed

Group owners can also set their groups as closed groups. In these groups, anyone can raise a request to join the group and the request will be generated in the group to owners, to let them join.

Note: for these settings, the visibility of the group must be visible to all.

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