YoAlfaaz- a memorable place

Nights of smiles,
Galore of shared ventures,
Knowing that they all beloved,
that’s how it has been a memorable place.

Dawns of new works,
Traces of best-harnessed commitments,
Knowing that they all be cherished,
That’s how it has become a memorable place.

Switched to a new battery now,
New phone or new taste,
A new legacy is in making a new version come by,
That’s how we will make it a memorable place.

Opened a window for new twittering birds,
Sounds, joys and ventures of new joining greats,
a new community is in showing new strength,
Let’s make YoAlfaaz a memorable place…


Wow man…
This was something beautiful

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First, thanks to write about your feelings towards YoAlfaaz, second I personally am very happy to see such response and your interest. I hope and wish, we will continue to make efforts for improvement and let you feel happy and interested always.
thanks once again @saurabhpant94

Thanks guys for your love and support, we will continue to make more impact…

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So beautifully expressed, and yes, we will make it a memorable place :heart:

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Wow! Beautiful :yellow_heart: