Yesterday I dialed your number

Yesterday I dialed your number
Hoping you wouldn't pick up,
I wasn't quite ready to hear you;
But I called anyway.

So when I was about to cut,
You breathed into the speaker,
You always had a habit of
Ruining my intentions!

Did you already know
I was gonna call?
But how could it be!
Maybe still the telepathy.

We were breathing
Slowly in sync,
All of my blurred senses
Surrendered to you.

Breaking the silence
You called me by my name,
It sounded magical
After so many ages.

I put the receiver down
To my heart,
A drop of tear rolled down my eyes
And I smiled.

I could say I loved you more
Than I ever said,
I felt you closer than ever;
Yesterday when I dialed your number...
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Amazing :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: I m just lost in your story dear

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Amazing, beautiful

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Hey, thanks dear. :yellow_heart::heart: @Nagma_lafzo_ka

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Thank you, Arti. :heart: @Arti

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My pleasure mam :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

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