Yes you bestie

Maybe tonight, she wants to forget who she used to be
So she leaves all behind
She holds his hand
In his old pick up she rides
And it gives him the assurance that he can take her anywhere,
Anywhere away from anything that she desires to escape

He brings her to the beach she never went
Under the sky full of stars
They dance barefoot on the sand
With her favorite old classic song
playing on the car stereo

The moon, the moon witnesses How their eyes meet
How their lips touch
How their hearts unite.

And from that moment she knew
She could give up a thousand city lights to be in this place
To be who she truly is
To be with him forever.


Now, I’m feeling jealous of someone :wink:

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Take love. :two_hearts:

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Ah haha thank you so much :hugs: don’t believe a writer they can write tales in fiction way no one can catch


Thank you so much :hugs:

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