Yeah you

Oh, how I love it when your eyes twinkles
When you smile, it effortlessly sparkles.
You find the sound of your voice annoying?
I hope not, cause for me it’s the best thing.

From afar, I can see your flawless skin
Will writing about it be a dire sin?
I love the story of your every scar.
How can you be so close yet very far?

Above that perfect look is a kind heart
Addition to it, your beautiful mind.
Could be the reasons why I got so blind.
Poems about it will be a great good art!

I could write a thousand pieces for you
But I guess, while I’m writing this,
You are drawing somebody else’s face.



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Thank you

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How can u manage to steal people’s heart😉

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What a love these days


The last line broke my heart. :broken_heart:

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Hi hi by writing it in a satire way :joy:

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Hihi, thank you so much :hugs:

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:blush::blush::blush:thsnk you tried