Wrong Ones Thrive!

I see all the wrong ones thrive in life,
Why is it so, my Lord? I just don’t understand!

They do all the wrong things to come up in life,
And yet you allow them to climb up, why?

They will be in power and hold on to many things in life,
Is it good for others who work hard all the time!

Hard work and sincerity is to be rewarded in life,
You know this well Lord, why don’t you do it then?

They don’t know how to deal with real people,
They reward the ones, who are just like them.!

Then a chain of the real bad ones thrive,
All the right people are left behind in the race!

Finally the wrong ones frame rules and relax,
The ones who work end up working all the more!

All the work is done and they take up the cream and cake,
You are left behind with the crumbs which is just useless!

Is this a fair race in life?
When and how will it be rectified?

My Lord, my God, please do take care of us, the good ones,
Reward us with success now and you know how to do it best!