【Worth it】

With The dark clouds covering the entire sky
Thunder striking, cursing everything to die
He stands there waiting for the storm to fade away
He hopes for a day, when this phase’d pass away

He is hurt he cant move he is bleeding to death
He cant feel his LUNGS, he struggles for breath
He somehow shouts for help to travellers passing by
No one stops, he still drags himself to a house nearby

A figure appears in front of him, he was “THE REAPER”
Who asks him to let go and come along to make it quicker
He refuses,and HE obliged ! and gave him time to mourn
But with every breath he took, he felt his insides burn!

He finally decides to let go, leave the pain behind,
The reaper finished the job , which he was assigned.
His soul On his way back wondered whether,
It was worth quitting or he would have stayed rather.

The reaper smiles and says, he feeds on them who are bain,
To quit! Not on those who refuse and fight the pain !
His soul asks whether he made the right decision,
The reaper just smiled, denying the answer’s precision !


Well penned!!! Truly loved your way of telling story in poetic manner And Also metaphor it might be holding!!


Very well written liked it a lot


Nice to read you. :blush: @Jst_Utkarsh


Wow that’s really good work

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amazing interesting post friend :slightly_smiling_face: