World poetry championship award ceremony 2019

It was a cool windy morning on 28th of September when honorary writers and poets from all across the world had gathered for this prestigious world poetry championship award ceremony this time in 2019 taking place in the administrative capital of Romania that has to be bucharest and the place has been chosen as Hotel Formenerg which is known for it’s delights and professional scenes all across the range, thus it was going to be a great celebration.
The ceremony has to begin officially from 10 30 Am in the morning and to make it more great some European guests were also invited from creative, media and other fields who were certainly going to make it a great fun.
Although the historic moment of award distribution would take place in the evening, there was lot more in the ceremony to happen and to witness this great momentum, Mr. pant along side other had once again taken a cab seated along side Asian participants and here at the official venue it was going to be a cracker in it’s own variety for sure.

Once the official formalities has begun, the testing of mikes and presence of all the international affiliates has been counted, and multiple processions were confirmed; it was certainly going to be a great delight to proceed and with announcements taking place from all six podiums it was now only matter of few minutes when the official proceedings would begun and after the entry of the officials with huge applauses it has kicked off in it’s own great style and grace.
There were two separate parts of the inauguration session to take place in which The first inauguration session was of one hour and after that there was one more formal session of book launches of two hours to entertain and have great joy.
In that firstly official hour pamplates, memos and other official documents including creative reports and presentations were launched by the officials with huge cracker burst and applauses and delight of all showing their value was infectious in it’s own standards.
In the two hour session of book launches next the festival anthology, cultural responses and books from certain authors including one from Indian poetess was also on show and that happened with asking them to come on stage and present a short presentation with introduction to the books which was a great delight in it’s own ways.
Thus the early two official proceedings were of great fun and they really showed their impressive galore in their own prestige ways as they ticked off and the happy time continued to make smiles cross in Mr. pant’s face as well seated inside the 1st podium which was great mood at large.

After those two cracking sessions of the introductory prestige, the announcement of the lunch had taken place and with help of Trisha madam and other volunteers Mr. pant enjoyed it a lot while waiting for the moment that was not far now, and hence the moment was made more precious by the volunteers requesting him to go to the third stage where the Community honours were distributed by certain communities who recite in Romania and hence Mr. Pant was firstly falicitated with a short momento and a brief check for promoting Indian culture and empowerment of Indians in Bucharest for which he was delightful and shaking hands with the officials he requested the volunteers to take him back to the official place which was great fun.
Here the announcement of seating with alphabets was already announce and Trisha madam helped him be seated in row of Alphabet ‘P’ as the alphabetical order goes on with the sirnames and with two other scholars from same were seated around him, he shook hands with them and enjoyed the procession.
As the award distribution started, the time ticked by and Mr. pant enjoyed himself moving his fingers along side the tunes of Keyboard that was great sound and hence around 6 in the evening his name was finally announced.
In the process of receiving a check, award with Romanian symbol, and speech of 1 minute by the author/poet that was included, he said about value of ‘time’ in his words and gratified all and with huge applauses he came back to his seat enjoying the award and bliss of it which was a great feeling for him.

Yet once the award ceremony came to close, it was not over yet and the festivities had just begun, and Mr. pant has requested to put one Indian song himself in the carnival that would take place afterwards the award distribution, and hence after having the agreement of the officials and meeting with the local visually impaired Band who was also performing he was on the moon to have more joy coming soon.
Hence he had very short supper of vegetarian coffee and cheese burger, smiled to those who he had met till now and after being helped by the cab driver and Trisha madam for the location of the carnival inside the Hotel, had easily entered to make it a great mood, and listening out the music and tapping his feet he was ready to have great joy.
Here he met more people including some local one from Bucharest, talked them through for the musical performances and joyful atmosphere and rhythms of poetry and short drama shows were also on so he was changing his position by help of volunteer every fifteen minutes and when turned came he sang his own written song ‘chaha bhi yu hy manga bhy sahi’ which was enjoyed by all with huge cheer and noise.
And hence after 2 hour of great carnival entertainment it was over and time to go to next country was coming close, Thus With some happy smiles, photo sessions and shaking hands with the director and the officials he went towards his quarters and pllans to leave Bucharest, and travel to Auckland next early morning started and for him it was all over with some great joy here in Romania which he would remember for long in his heart at large…


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