World book day's celebrations With Penguin India

World book day’s celebrations With Penguin India

Honoured for-

  1. Burning Asia
  2. Warming Boom
    In Print at their local platform.

The entire team from Mr. Saurabh pant’s office wish you all world book day.
On this day He would like to thank prominent publishers for their great support, eminence and the way they help him become a better author by their cultural contributions.
They are like Power Publishers, Lulu Publishers Inc, The iresh Poetry forum, RNIB, The Academy Book Company, Candid Creations, Lars Muller Publishers, Lambert Academic Publishers, Canberra press and many more- Without your great support He might not have been what he is today.

You can find his books in print all over the globe in prominent capital cities or popular hot spots in paperback.
As far Ebooks are concerned-
They are available in Kindle, Apple books, Kobo books, Nook, Scribd files, Epub, Text to read and many other formats in more than 150 digital prominent publisher stores.

His gratitude to parents and family for the freedom and support they present to him as a visually impaired first.
The entire author team both online and in mumbai offices has been great analysing when their best services be required and has acted for his books all over the globe whether it’s cultural impact or digital promotion to make it best legacy.
Those who help him become great as readers has always been a great asset continuing to inspire him write with more efficiency and planned accuracy.
Other digital online writer portals like Blogger, Yo alfaaz, Story Mirror, Raven Cage and many more where he contribute and has been appreciated for his commitments has also been phenomenal;
And He is sure that creative world should become more prominent by blessing of all readers-
Happy world book day to all from his side…



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