Women empowerment

Inequalities between men and women and discrimination against women have also been age-old issues all over the world. We all are equal in the eyes of law but still the same
She rests like a bud with poise;
Smiling at the echoes of the posh
world’s voice.
Thousands and thousands of
dreams waiting;
To hold her attention before
To teach her the kiss of success
And help her bloom in society like
a hibiscus.
Few striving to rule the science of
Some meddling with machinery to
make it swirl in daze
Few pen down poems in the
While some dance like divas
casting beautiful shadows
Like cuckoos some sing
expressive songs
While few are like frightful
sparrows fighting against wrongs
Mighty hearted ones surrender
themselves to rusty uniform
Not bothering a bit about
mascaras and beauties
And some are tender enough to
tend to sick people,
With supreme motherly love and
the wisdom of peepal
Some express the unexpressed
feelings by the magic of their
Which is auctioned pretty high to
empty others wallet.
In the midst of these successful
There does exist fearsome ones
dominated by men
When will the sun rise in their
And bring those hidden buds
talents known to world’s rife
To conquer the world with their
And make the world shiver in
awe by their fashion.
To come up in life with a mission;
Possessing colorful profession.
And strive to make their life an
enjoyable opera
And seer with indomitable
success like queen cobra!


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