Will you ever find me?

We lie down on the ground and let the rays of the sun fall on our faces. The leaves filter them perfectly, it’s just the amount of light and warmth our hearts need to feel alive that reaches us. One by one, the rays melt away all the walls we’ve built around us and we start talking. About insignificant things and about the things that matter, about life and death, about hope and love. Love, oh that scary thing, always leaves me speechless.

“Why are you scared of love?”, he asks me.

“I don’t know. It’s just that I’m enough to destroy myself and perhaps love isn’t what I need. Also, you never know if you’ll really find it afterall. So, why risk it?”

“That’s where you’re wrong. You don’t find love. Love finds you. Nobody wants to fall in love in the first place, you know? We all start strong and firm, all set to conquer the world. Career, passion and success, that’s all we can think of. But then love comes in to make us feel the little things in life that make it big and worth it. It’s not as scary as you think it is, you know? You just have to feel and that’s all.”

“That’s the problem. I’ll have to feel. All those things that I’ve not allowed myself to feel for so long. What if it gets too much? What if I fall so deep that I can’t come out when that hand isn’t there to help me? Call me a coward but I’d rather close my eyes than watch love destroy me.”

“You’re not a coward. You’re just another person trying to protect her heart from breaking and I understand that but the thing is, all of us know we’ll die but that doesn’t stop us from living, right? We don’t just lock ourselves in our rooms fearing that bus that might hit us or the diseases that might catch hold of us. So it goes with love. Deep in our hearts, we’re all aware of the harm it can do to us but we still take the risk because as devastating as it might seem, love is beautiful, rejuvenating,empowering and even if all this seems nonsensical to you right now, you’ll understand everything when you find love.”

“Or perhaps, when love finds me.”

He looks at me and smiles. I smile back and close my eyes. Let love come when it wishes to, for now the sunlight is company enough.


Beautifully penned

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