Why? You are

Why im not able control my emotions for him?
Why do I miss him for no reason?
Why I just fade away just like that?
Why this distance is sucking me?
Why this silance is killing me?
Why my heart is aching?
Why I’m shattered for being hurt,?
Why I’m not angry but sad,?
Why I’m lost not moved on,?
Why this misery coming on my head?
Why this break is so childish?
Why I’m stuck at him only?

Why & why & why…?

These questions arises,
Many a time,
Like spring and neap tide,
Like my stars synching & detaching,
Like a lost flower losing its charm.

I wish to attain a attire,
Which is fulls of my flaws…!!

-Ritti :heart:



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May you shine with all your flaws, beautiful❤️

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:heart: :heart:

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