Who am I

Am I am the sun who shines and help others too shine
Am I a wind in a dark night?
Am I a raindrop in the sea of life?
Or am I caught in the gust,
A helpless kite?
Or may be a bullet in a tellurian strife?
Who am I?
I look at myself in the mirror
And the face looks familiar
I wake up in the morning
and breathe the same air
eat the same food
and climb the same stair
I jump into the rat race
try and beat the entire populace
But at the end of the day,
All I have got is a question –
Who am I?
They call me a healer
I am a mere survivor
You call me the lady with an observation
But I am just an illusion
A speck of mediocrity
in the leviathan of humanity
I have fallen for many kinds of Friendship and risen in pain
Matters of the heart, they are all the same
True love is always a bliss I guess
Like a will-o-wisp
And people thought it was all about what the society says
All in all, its just about the hurdle and grind
In one minute, out the next time
With every dawn, a new hope spawns
My imagination runs wild
Exploring the psyche like a child
And somewhere in the dark wilderness I call mind
Lies a cipher, pure and puerile
It reads: Who am I?
In my dreams, sitting beside a flowing tream
I watch my life flow by
And when the stream is all but a trickle
Something akin to a dying man’s last giggle
The river bed, it beckons me towards it
And amidst flashes of a life gone past
A question seems to last, a figment they say of my past
Which says look at my destiny, look me in the eye
And tell me, tell me now,
Who Am I?


Thank you