Where is humans ... Without humanity

The picture that was seen, is not a picture of a patient injured in road accidents, two intern doctors injured by the Patient’s attack! Seeing the picture of the scan can understand how aggressive the attack was! Because, the death of a patient of 85 years … and nowadays death means that the doctor is responsible, otherwise all of them are immortal!
There is no more language to protest repeatedly. Doctor is groaning, blinding the doctor’s eyes or killing the doctor’s wife. When they are doing medicines in our country, they can be easy to add to anyone’s forehead. By Simple Parent Party !!! Besides, doctors, nurses are now trending on their hands … because their son is neither a doctor nor a nurse!
And brothers who only give secondary / HS and want to serve as a doctor in a bribe … Who should serve fewer in China …
And what has happened in the day before, can I return home after completing the medical college? Do not stand next to brother! Police will be killed in this way, bloody!
100 people coming to take medicines for you will see the joke! You will not be protesting any ordinary people, leave the intellectuals for you! To increase the trp by raising the media, the leaders blame you for everything in front of everyone (hospital doctor, bathroom dirty doctor is responsible). That video will be viral by the people of the media, and the people will continue to comment. That’s why they should die … because their son is neither a doctor nor a doctor!
And you will have to protest, keep on hunger for all the securities of your life … yet have not changed anything, do not change!
However, this is the fastest of both of them! No matter at all, atleast all medical fraternity stand beside them


Everyone is so so frustrated that they are like animals and even worse when it comes to express their anger. This is one of the example.
I do not support doctors or hospitals always but also not such incidents.


Am tired now of this type