When it feels to be out of words (Challenge of the week)

The challenge of this week is

When it feels to be out of words…

Write your original lines as a reply to the half written line above.
Per person, only one reply is allowed. Reply with maximum likes will win. This challenge will end at midnight next Saturday.
Write what you feel, write your heart out.


When it feels to be out of words,
We feel as if we are victims
As if the blood drained out of veins
As if the clouds ran out of water
As if the skin feels heavy
As if the heart stitched with thorns
As if the breathe is constituted with broken glass
As if the brain rose a war
As if you are victim of no crime
As if you are still alive
And yes you are still alive
Your whole life is awaiting
To sanitise this dirty silence
When it feels to be out of words.
Grab a book and read thoughts of others.
You will find your own palace,
Of wordless words!


When it feels to be out of words,
Mouth wide open, frozen in awe,
Lips quivering ever so silently,
Gasping for air and rugged breaths,
With heartbeats on the move for a roller coaster ride,
Knowing the time has come
You know the heart has taken over,
And words are out of fashion for once.

So many words, I had composed,
Some dating back to that first sight of her,
A few born out of burnt midnight oil,
Some tried but lost to the mightier ones,
While a few were always destined for the glory,
Yes, the words were ready to take on the world again,
Perfect and practised, like always,
Waiting on the other side of the lips,
Eager to come out and daze her,
With beautiful careful words to amaze her,
Not knowing in my wildest imagination,
The utter failures these would be,
In front of her,
And to top that, I would be happy
they failed so gloriously.

Yearning I am now,
For when it feels to be out of words,
To let the unknown hit me again,
To not win, to lose my heart again,
For my love to conquer again :heart::heart: