When I start writing

When I start writing…
With all my feeling hiding…
As my friends started assuming…
That I am in love or jumped in the hub.
I gave them explanation…
But they don’t find any relation…

I don’t know…make them believe how…
Yes…I am in love…
Not with someone.
Its all about the love for words ,
Which you haven’t heard.
I love to write
With my all might
In all first sight
It’s make me feel bright
Gives me height.

You know it’s something which is in my genes…
It has taken all my means…

But now I will try to explore
Expand my mind to its core…
I want to go more and more
May be beneath the sea shore.


The writing part

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Tysm🤗 @Adithyan_ks

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This Love is precious. :revolving_hearts:
Keep growing, love. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Yes…I will @unknown_soul

i am so thankful; that i see ur writing skill in this platform :blush: @Maithilbala


Thanks to you for…giving these opportunities @sharma.kanika0404

ur most welcome dear @Maithilbala