What wrong

You ask me what wrong. Can you see the pain in my eye . Don’t you hear my heart beat fast . Can you hear it in my voice? If you have to act me what wrong ? I don’t know what to said to you . You don’t know me at out . Or you are lieing to your self . Don’t let the choose you take break us. Said what I want you to said. Show me the way you are . Be that men . Don’t gave me regret. You make me want to push aways from you. You will always have my heart. My heart will not be lie to . You are heading behind your lie . Look in my face and said what wrong? Then you don’t know me . You don’t want me push away. I look at think you are my soul mate . But your actions lie to me . I won’t be lie to . I hope one day . That you will said what I want to hear . You make me like . I am second place . Your world is for you and only you . That world will destroy everything. You know me . You know what I am thinking. I am mention thinking right now . One day I will see it all come together. I hope it won’t be to late . How can you don’t see what going on ? To ask me what wrong. That what wrong. You to ask me that . Make me feel you don’t know me or maybe you do. You don’t care . You just wanted your way. So many questions and not aneaf answers. Asked like you innect. You know the true. You afraid to take that step . To you take the step . Don’t ask me what wrong. I know you don’t want to hear it . The true and do it . I will never gave you all of me . The same way you gave me . To fix what wrong. You will have to gave in and prove it to me .


You definitely write well…

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