What A Day!

The day…what can we say about that??
The black sea of people,
The misunderstood ones,
Trying to hold on to the day with all their might lest it would go away,
We too running from one deck to another,
Discussing about riffs and distortions,
Drummer-gods and magicians,
Could we ever forget the soul of Kailasa, or wail of The Wailers,
Amyt Dutta’s performance,o should we say just a trailer, The new ones trying to impress us with everything they got,
A few talented, some we instantly forgot,
Dada and me, doubting if we could ever be up there on the stage,
If we could make it, or we could run out of days,
Pain and fear and hope and passion
Mixed with smoke’s and booze’s compassion,
Ain’t I missing the leader of the tribe?
Pardon my words, they are so naive,
For nothing could describe what we felt about MEGADETH,
Was it a dream, or were we having a heart attack?
It was a day when we could no longer breathe,
Gods could die and fires could freeze,
Music is all we have dada, one day did not build Rome,
Last thing I must say,
I still have that booze mug at home :heart::heart:

(Dedicated to my band mates…:heart::heart::heart:
Venue: NH7 Weekender Music Festival 2015, Kolkata)


That’s beautiful. :heart:

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@unknown_soul @Adithyan_ks thank you :heart:

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