We ladies have engaging forces inside of us,
We might possibly know it.
We won’t be that solid in our physical quality
But, we make up with inward quality.
We can bring forth new lives
Sustain our own particular kind and others.

We can be enormous in heart,
In giving out love
We are only the right size to hold both man and infant.
We assume different roles
Have a few caps to handle in the meantime.
It can be out and out tiring now and again.

How regularly do you appreciate us?
Ask our stresses?
Wipe away our tears,?
We laugh and conceal our torment.
you push us away and overlook our needs.
we are raped, tormented and mishandled.
Many times utilized only for joy overlook our pain.

Keep in mind,
Women very often taste the intense,
And give the sweet products of life,
To overcome the difficulty,
Pushes past despair and strife.
Women are delicate,
They are the pride of our nation
They are loving, mindful, and a marvel guide.

A woman doesn’t request regard,
She merits regard.
She is exceptionally solid,
Don’t test her understanding.
She can turn the entire world down
We are Proud to be ladies

© Sheela Joby


Women are awesome… :slight_smile:

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Yes we are …
Thank you

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You are proud or yourselves and we are proud of you all. Every mother, every sister, every wife is special and can’t imagine a life without them

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Thank you Ravi

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That’s really good side put up front

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Thank you for the comment