Ways to succeed

By understanding how his brain works,
The life that leads best to access,
Father is one who shows a child the way ahead,
From there things become easy if you have to search ways to succeed.

By realising how challenges are faced,
The life that shows how to present,
Father is one who helps a child to recognise varians,
From there0000000000000000000000000000000000 things become better if you wish to have ways to succeed.

Such tips are not one-day gainer,
His sweat, blood and hungry hopes have built them in ages,
ways to succeed can be learnt best from the father,
Only he has the ability to help you cross all prominent stages.

Such aids are also not twilight visions,
His thoughts, heart and hopes are all behind the task to support,
Ways to succeed for a child can be best earned from the father,
His hoping mind shall stand with you helping you cross the shore and reach your will’s port…