To the droplets around me,
That threaten to leave us
In a year or two.
May be after a decade.
I promise to love,
To take care of you.
A promise I make,
To not abuse u anymore.
A promise I promise,
To keep u as my priority.
All I ask back,
Is to stay back.
Pristine as u are…


Hey @Sunset_girl welcome to YoAlfaaz.
We appreciate your work that been shared by you.
Keep writing and keep growing the community.:grinning:

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The things is, we don’t have to ask anything. The water will turn good if we just start to treat nature right. Very well written :slight_smile:

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First, thanks to write on this topic
Second, you wrote a very nice piece of art
Third, a warm welcome my friend @Sunset_girl to YoAlfaaz family
keep writing more and more:slightly_smiling_face: