Warming boom 3 successfully revised

This book in form of 3rd edition was first published back on 18th of June, 2019 through support of Lulu publisher after lot of discussion between, Mr. Pant, his online team and the Mumbai offices who after smart take on the move decided it to release as third edition.
The first edition came to existence back on 18th of June 2017 already with fame all over the world, and the 2nd edition was released in print back on 23rd of April 2019 by Penguin India to make it a popular act already but Mr. Pant with his team wanted more effort on the same title due to it’s environmental proficiency.
Thus after quick task on hand, accurate discussion, and some key notes shared between the entire team the agreement for the release of 3rd edition was signed in the Mumbai offices and it came to fruition back on 18th of June 2019 in the form of 3rd edition in epub form itself.

Although this task was not enough as some settings were not properly set by Mr. Pant himself at the last stage of the process on the official web portal to complete the task and Lulu as a proficient and prominent place to help it’s all author felt it necessary to release a new set and revise the work which Mr. Pant agreed with excitement.
He first informed the team about the whole task in hand, this time didn’t go himself to perform the official move and with help of his online team mates took on the process to acurate response.
Thence it was nice to see Priya madam coming to aid this time again, helping the revision to affect by online submission of the new file and by help of the digital proficiency the task was accomplished with ease on the appropriate date decided by the team which was a great move for sure.

By all account it is a great feeling to announce on the blog to all who read and support that Warming Boom 3 has been successfully revised on 25th of July 2019 by your blessings and enthusiasm for which Mr. Pant would firstly like to appreciate and express his gratitude, He hopes that the new set should be equally responded for now on Lulu and later if it comes to the other platform and hope you continue to support his works.
Further he is overwhelmed for the 1st set available on the Official Lulu website for such heavy downloads on Lulu inner support websites across America and Europe and as beginner this new set should also be supported equally well.
Finally a quick thank you note to parents and family, His team both online and in Mumbai Offices and all the readers without whom he won’t be what he is even being a visually impaired Thus guys keep reading, keep supporting and continue to make him a better author, For now as it is said It’s cheers from charlie…


We’ll are proud of uhh…

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