-Alveera Hafeez

I might have lost you,
But nothing costs you,
I endure this pain,
I endure this sprain!

I emerge from those ashes,
I miss the eyes under those lashes,
I miss that smile which made me smile,
I miss those eyes which finds me from miles!

I miss those fights, those taunts, those chidings,
I miss those laughs, those jokes, those writings,
I miss those discussions, those chats, those calls,
I miss those dreams, those feelings, those flaws!

I don’t know, I just can’t, I want you back,
I just can’t, I can’t leave you on this track,
I know you won’t care, I know you don’t,
I know you won’t be back, I know you don’t!

But I still keep gaze on my clock,
Still I sit above those rocks,
Still I wait for you to come,
But I know you will never come!

I know but I wait, I will always,
What if you will come back in any case!
What if you need me, what if you can’t find me,
Therefore I wait, maybe one day you will come back to me!


so nicely written @Alveera_Hafeez​:grin::blush:

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Beautiful. :heart:

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Loved this piece of writing. :blue_heart::heart_eyes:

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@Adithyan_ks thank you so much​:heart::heart:

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Thank you!!:heart:

Thanks dear!!:heart::heart: