Vintage love đź’ś

There used to be a love…
A love that was lost …
Lost inbetween…
these dating styles and livingin trends.
It’s the time of epic love and romance,
where everything happened…
by just stealing the glance.
Scented letters and reeled cassettes
happened to be the innocent proposals.
Musical greetings and lazer keychains
took the place of magical gifts.
we all know well how to reconcile,
between the bicycle tring and a telephone ring…
Yeah its the pretty dial tone romance !
That was the time we fall for the smile,
where we are okay with no texts and calls.
Blushing in pink to the sweet dear nothings,
in the time of those black and white hues.
Waiting at the street end for decades to pass
Just to see them by making stupid escapes.
And dying on the moon at starry nights,
for wishing our fairytales to come true by mights !
In these posh evolving days …
All are longing for that passionate love
which holds the ways that never lose its charm.
Smirky winks… hidden messages…
Romantic excuses and tiny touches…
Oh dear…
In this era of selfies and chat…
give me a simple handwritten note !
Throw me back to those 90’s days…
And give me back those vintage trends !!

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Yesss… I am " VINTAGE " by soul,heart and body :purple_heart:
and will be 35 this month :relieved::slight_smile::grin::sweat_smile:


Vintage is beautifulđź’ś

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beautiful :star_struck:

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TQ :blush::purple_heart:

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Tq :blush::purple_heart: