Venues for quiz world cup 2020

It is part of the official process of the quiz world cup that once a hoste has been chosen, its certain cities are asked to arrange by process of mutual understanding and finding it suitable on the basis of barrier free environment with accesible support and volunteers that they must take the responsibilities to hold the tournament by adjusting all requirements being fulfilled and these cities are affiliated by the International quiz federation once the decision of the Sports ministry of the country chosen as host is done, and the information is confirmed to all the parties as nation states participating which shows the formal process by which it is done and help in understanding the cultural impressions of such big tournament like the Quiz world cup itself.
Last time when the quiz world cup took place in India, due to the vastness of the field like Sports and the intensity of the all robin round format there were around 18 cities chosen for the tournament and it went all to good with very smooth practice of the Sports Ministry and the disability forum organising with many supporting volunteer parties gathered and making it a dream come true for the teams who came to participate and made it a great event of its own unique design and cultural flavour, showing how venues are chosen and how they play their part for the community like Visually impaired themselves, and helped in making a great standard by having such venues who arrange all the systems and make such a big tournament an impressive one around.
Now as the four years have gone passt and the tournament will happen once more, no matter how many Novel Covid pressures or transport challenges come, there are six cities chosen by the Belgium Sports authorities and the Lethorth sports club, and these six cities are first observed by charity groups and volunteer parties that they are safe amidst the threats of the corona virus looming ahead, and after confirmed that it is safe to come and travel by agreeing to all parties the cities chosen for the 5 day tournament includes Brussels, Brudges, Ardens, Ghent, Monns and Antwerp, and these cities will officially host as venues for the 2020 quiz world cup and should serve the purpose in the current crisis situation by efforts of the great community like visually impaired to show the faith in each other and face the problem rather then in the name of quaranteen having hide out and the six cities are confirmed to host the tournament from 30th March to 3rd April 2020 themselves.
The information was updated once the host has confirmed these cities for the tournament on the official I Q F portal, and the update of the six cities chosen are greeted with great energies from top four teams including Switzerland, Norway, India and Japan, and all the other 116 countries participating gave their nods, agreeing to the fact that despite all problems coming from corona including travel and movement they will participate, and seeing the great gesture it felt great to Mr. Pant and the Indian head coach that they may be criticised but are in the right direction ahead and they all look for a great world cup to come and do well in the same, till more such updates and articles from the Quiz world cup 2020 come into vision, for now like it is said its cheers from charlie to all…