-Alveera Hafeez

Standing in the balcony,
Without any company,
Seeing the birds at play,
Cats trying to catch its’ prey.
I heard a whisper in my ear,
The name took away my fear.

The trees surged with the wind,
The mountains gave another hint,
The lake rippled your beauty,
The grasses whispered my duty,
Every thing was taking your name,
And the sun flared your real fame.

The clouds gave us your shade,
You took care of everything we made,
But we forget you in our happiness,
And remember you in darkness,
But even in the darkest night,
Their lies the most precious sight.

When a lost man sees pole star,
It is your help coming from far,
When I walk towards you,
Everything begins to glow,
Just like when two hearts meet,
You lie above me and I on your feet.

Because Lord I am because of you,
And I promise I will always love you!


I love the way words rhyme. :heart:
Beautiful. :heart:

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nicely penned :+1:

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Ty so much

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