Us or fun days @cinema

“You left your social media accounts open on my phone.”

“Go ahead and savour your meal.”

“This isn’t funny. Why is Mrinmoy all over your Facebook and Instagram search history? If something isn’t right, tell it in my face.”

“Baby, I can explain.”

“Please, go ahead.”

“It’s for Sayani. She has started dating this guy so I thought it’d be good to check him out.”

“So, if one of you starts dating someone, other girls stalk him too?”

“Sounds creepy when you say it, but yes.”

“Well, that explains a lot of things.”


“When we went for the movie, I was surprised that Sayani knew my favorite flavour of popcorn. I had started to think maybe she had a crush on me.”

“Lol. In your dreams, baby.”


:joy: loved the end!!

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I feel so good to read you. :heart:


:grin::hugs::yum: thank you not yet more to learn

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