Upsetting fact

Aaj kal sab apne chehere(sakal) camera se chuupa kar,apni apni Barhana(nangi) badan camera ke jariye duniya ko dikhaane lage hain…


We have eyes, we have thoughts,
Some appreciate, some criticize,
What’s nude for some, for some it’s an art,
You choose what you see, let them choose what they show.


exact to the point :+1:

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Keep calm down

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point is when there’s no choice of choosing and we can’t ignore what’s infront then we need to draw a line…

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Everyone have a choice of living we cannot judge…
May be the person is feeling somewhat happy…
Not every person can be a open book for everyone…


All, please read the lines twice …I hope this time you all will b able to understand to where I m pointing…

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Ofcourse there is a choice of choosing. I personally don’t think there is any issue in wearing something an individual wants, nothing much. These Barhana(nangi) thing works for both cloths and thinking at different perceptions, I wanted to say. That’s all. :open_hands::blush: @lazy_Sadiq


Actually these things can go wrong as we have different mindsets, so it will be great if you can please let us know what you wanted to convey with this, thank you. :blush: @RUPESH_Kumar

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hmm…agree with u ! :blush: @unknown_soul