need a upgrade in my life. Sometimes I feel like I need more . Think where I need to be. only God know that question. I want my words change to a life. I want people to know my story. I feel like there more . My happy place . Where I can be me . Living a positive life. But sometimes negative over try to knock you out. Getting up sometimes it a challenge. I ready to try something different. Get out of my Comflble side. Take the that step . Hopefully I don’t fall. Not knowing it right or wrong. Trying to take that step is never easy. I need a upgrade in my life. When I write it take me to a place. That know one see but me . The joy of write. That a part of me know one .I want my words mean something. Change is never easy. I don’t want to live a life with regret. I want to be a story teller . Stand for what i believe . Making a stand . Support all women. As savor of domestic violence. I see it alot. It show me how far I came . And it show me I can go far. With a positive mind . I need a upgrade spirit and with in me . It in progress you don’t see it yet. It a work in progress. You will see the change later . I am a strong women. Tell learning life in different view .


Your wise words are so amazing

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