-Alveera Hafeez

When you make her cry,
When you start to lie,
When you hide the devil in that smile,
When you grab her hair and drag her through the aisle

When she dies because of your male agression,
When she dives deep into her due to depression,
When she starts hating herself,
When she starts losing herself.

When you make her feel weak,
When she starts feeling bleak,
When you kill her soul,
When she starts hating her role.

When society points fingers on her,
When her loved ones start questioning her,
When no one wants to be with her,
When her loved ones starts avoiding her.

That is when God cries,
That is when Nature dies,
And that is when you kill the whole tribe,
And God can never forgive such a dreadful crime.


True, it’s beautiful :heart:

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Amazing :two_hearts::heart_eyes:

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Wonderfully written

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Omg! Touched

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