Day light is leaving us
and headlights already begin to appear
scattered on the highway
Waving my hand from the vehicle
I greet a girl
who offers me a sweet smile

The car navigates lightly
I put my thoughts
on reverse…

…And like a bird
after a flood
I desperately look
for the pieces of my nest
in order to rebuilt it

I feign speaking to someone better
Shall I receive forgiveness
or do I forgive myself?
Perhaps love is that miracle of each day
that goes unnoticed


Love is ultimate kit to survival (personal opinion)


Yes we find true people in life

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one more nyc work

So good. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Sometimes, we need to forgive ourselves in order to have peace of mind and to walk forward with a smile. We cannot do this if we always blame ourselves for the wrong things we have done in the past.
Nicely write :slightly_smiling_face:


yes, we need to forgive ourselves and others to have peace of mind. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you

I wish my bestie ex could understand your words

Hmm my bestie didn’t understood iy