kabhi lagte ho koi khwab tum,
zameen pe koi aftab tum,
Banzar dil me hamare khila gulab tum,
aankhon pe chadha koi gumaan tum…

Kuch ho youn khaas tum,
khuda ki koi sunehri karamaat tum,
Pyas me bujhati jal ki dhara tum,
Thand me sukun deti aag ki mashaal tum…


I like your poems… What’s your kind of motivation towards writing? Hope u don’t mind me asking this.


First of all thank you so much and i am glad you like my poems…:slight_smile::hugs:

and why would i mind you asking me about writing :slight_smile:

So i am this very observant person by nature…so observing helps you to imagine or explore a specific scenario or situation…be it your or of people around you…

I write mostly on Love n some Motivational quotes so that’s probably because i believe in Love and have tasted sweetness and bitterness of it which helps me exploring that johnr…

I manage to write Motivational quotes because of my viewpoint towards life, things happening in and around me and again observations… It’s the main source for Motivation.

so i would say your way of living, habits, reading, all these things have influence on you and i get Motivation from all of these things…

sorry for such long answer :see_no_evil: @7skywrites


Lyrical… !!!
Just Loved It…!!!

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Everyone can feel your words, they are just so beautifully expressed… :heart:


Thank you so much dear, means a lot to me…:slight_smile::hugs::heart:

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Haha, this is worth reading. Loved your perception towards life…


thanks :slight_smile::hugs: