मेरा प्यार

सागर कि गहराई में मिलने वाले मोती जैसा था मेरा प्यार,
सबसे अनोखा, सबसे शानदार औऱ लाखो में एक !


Hey dear!! I really like liked what you have written!
But I hope you don’t mind my advice…
Firstly , please choose tags carefully, because a wrong tag might disturb the mood of readers… like here you referred it as a poem.

And you can also rhyme प्यार with शानदार but it’s upto you… anyway it’s your piece!:blush:


That’s really good

Yeah I’ll take care of this :pray:

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I agree with @axy
Kindly be very careful @ElleG

Yeah okay.

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amazing interesting post friend :slightly_smiling_face:

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