"Tom " - My favourite cartoon character

I feel Cartoons are of great liking.

Each man/woman appears to have a proclivity towards cartoons.

They make you snicker and can be to a great degree fun.

Each cartoon has a hero and my Favorite being Tom

**Tom and Jerry cartoons **.

Tom is sometimes savvy, here and there dumb,

And some of the time extremely amusing.

I simply love the way he traps **Jerry **,

And different creatures like baby ducks.

I like the way he gets beaten by,

Jerry mouse and the house owner.

He makes me roar with laughter.

Also makes a wide range of facial expressions in the scene.

He makes such distinctive activities,

And tricks like hopping off buildings,

And, towers into the basin with no water that we can’t quit laughing

When we take a look at his face when he turns out.

We at times see him getting terrified of dogs, running here and there

And, halfway doing a move when a creature bites his butt.

Tom is sometimes bad like when he traps Jerry to eat him,

But Jerry is additionally brave.

Tom entertains everyone.

I think everybody ought to feel that **Tom **,

Is the main hotshot of Cartoon Network,

Everybody ought to be upbeat, that he is on his duty,

Making us bright, reassuring us to overcome,

And making him much more mainstream than he is present.

© Sheela Joby


Quite funny to think that most people like Jerry but it’s the stupid actions of Tom which are actually funny to watch… :joy:


I love Tom my dear cat Tom…


Tom and Jerry, one of my favorites and I remember when their first movie with audio came, I was a lot curious to see my character speaking. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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