Today's challenge-Sunday Romantic Shayari or Quotes!

Today’s challenge!

“I will never stop trying."

Spread the love and see the magic within!

Today, a half written quote for you to add your own magic into it. Write a quote using the above line.
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This challenge will end at midnight today.

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I will never stop trying
Though the hope within me is vanished!

I will never stop trying
When the so called luck doesn’t even think of me!

I will never stop trying
After hearing people make fun of me!

I will never stop trying
Thought my time isn’t good for me!

I will never stop trying
Untill I get to know the reason of my cause!

I will never stop trying
Untill I fullfil my responsibilities in this world!

I will never stop trying
Even though I am done with it,
Yet, it taught me, made me who am I now,
Because I never stopped trying!!


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Hello, is it morning, say, are we mourning?
I try wake for her sake, but am stuck[Uploading:
The deep dark past drags me back
Year after year been fighting to be here
To be her father whether afar or falling
Seem to have lost it the last time I checked
But I will never stop trying.

Daughter, dad dared to dance with you,
I stare in my cell to see you sell for a living,
I loop this, hoping you will look through my eyes
I try to quit my drug and drag your bag home
But the demons don’t dare let me do it,
But I will never stop trying

So yesterday I dared to spare my day and stare
I tried to stop and steal a glance gladly
Eyes of my DNA, but my dyed hair won’t let u see
I run the streets sleeping on trees to see the day break
Mum will murmur dad is deadly; yes I dare to die
She is right and your light, but I’ll keep fighting
I will never stop trying, daughter.


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