Today's challenge-Sunday Romantic Shayari or Quotes

Today’s challenge!

You put your arms around me,
And I am home!

Spread the love and see the magic within!

Today, a quote for you to add your own magic into it. Write a quote using the above quote or with the meaning being the same.
Let’s see. :slightly_smiling_face:
This challenge will end at midnight today.

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Keep writing! :writing_hand:


You put your arms around me,
And I’m home!

Because your presence is enough,
For my existence in the world.
Being with you feels magical,
Want to stay near you.
In what so ever condition,
I’ll stay by your side.
You always made mistakes,
And I made them correct.
Sometimes it hurts,
But many times it blooms.
You knw what,
You made me feel vibrant.
Love is magical,
It made me more me.
Stay here, because
I don’t want to be alone.
Holding your hand,
Made me feel complete.
It may be temporary,
But I live in present.
I don’t know nothing of future,
Because in this moment you are mine.
Didn’t said,
But I like you.
-Ritti :heartbeat:


You put your arms around me,
And I am home!
The home where you and me,
Both are same,
Where we make complete each other.
I often see you in your eyes,
It was so mesmerizing,
I fall in love with your deep oceanic eyes !
Whenever you caresses my hair,
I fall in love with your hand so light !
Truly i am incomplete without you ,
Because you are the sun which shine,
In my dark shade of life.
I wanna hold you,
Hold you tight so that,
I can feel your warmth ,
The warmth which heals me from inside,
Because again it reminds me ,
I am incomplete without you.
You know i always remember,
Each day and every day,
Just to be with you,
I struggle all day !
I can’t say the love is still there,
But I can’t left you ever.
You are one ,
Who shows me the path ,
Right or wrong ,
You are always in sight.
I don’t know ,
It is dream or what ,
But when you are near,
It is always real.


You put your arms around me
And I am home!
In your warmth
I feel safe and sound
Your arms my shield
And love my strength
Provide solace to my frightened soul