Today's challenge//Short-Story Writing

We all have heard a ‘Once upon a time’ kind of story in our lives so far! Let’s share the creativity with this, today!
Write a short story by using this line in your story.
Per person, only one reply is allowed. This challenge will end at midnight today. The best reply will be featured on our social media handles. :slightly_smiling_face:
All the best. :slightly_smiling_face:
Let’s write and spread the words. :slightly_smiling_face:


Once upon a time, there was truth which remained untold. It was the truth that made my life change.It ruined all my plans and dreams. A truth which came front of me that he is discussing at home to marry someone else. He told half his truth that she is just a frnd of his but he is happy and she is his love he never told me. Why didn’t he show that he wants to get rid of me. Why did he not say this I would have let him go happily. He would tell me once that he loves her I should leave him that time happily. He also kept on saying that he care about me, he love me and on the other hand he kept cheating on me and kept blocking me from every social media platform. Fired me out of his life as if nothing was there, the relationship was over before it even started. I did not know that this journey would be so short and the result of this journey was so bad for me that I would lose faith in people and him as well.

~anjali @Nagma_lafzo_ka