Today's challenge/Short-Story writing

Write a short story by using this line in your story.
Per person, only one reply is allowed. This challenge will end at midnight today. The best reply will be featured on our social media handles.
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“Look at her mom, she’s just so beautiful. I have been noticing her from the time she came. She drove car by herself. She might be from one of the rich family”, a 9yr old girl says to her mom at a restaurant.
Mom look towards the girl sitting on the next table and smiles at her daughter.
Daughter forces her mother saying, “Come let’s go and have a conversation with her.”
Because of her stubborn daughter, Mother agrees and walk towards a stranger.
Daughter excitedly starts speaking to stranger, “Hey you are beautiful. Whats your name?”
Stranger look towards the girl in confusion then look towards her mother. She stood up and politely asks them to have a chair.
Mother feels happy for her nature and join her table. She look towards the daughter and replies, “Hey little girl, Am Sophia. And you are more beautiful than me Mehica”.
Mother starts laughing suddenly and says, “You actually look rich and beautiful but would you mind if I say something right now.”
Sophia says, “Never would I. Please say.”
Mother continues saying laughingly, “Actually our previous maid, even her name was Sophia. And surprisingly she had that same mark on her wrist as you…”
Mother suddenly stops saying and stood up from the table and ask, “What you just said? ‘Mehica’. How do you know her name?”
Sophia stands and replies, “Yes am the same person you just mentioned Maa ji. This mark is the same which you burnt with hot spoon that day for mistakenly breaking a mug.”
Mother gets shocked completely for her changed lifestyle.
Mehica brushes the little girls hair with fingers and say,
“Never trust a survivor until you find out what they did to stay alive”. winking at mother she leaves the restaurant.
Sophia notices a card being dropped off from Mehica’s bag. Sophia picks the card up and reads,
Mehica Verma
Mother snatches the card from her daughter and couldn’t believe her eyes for what she just witnessed.


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