Today's challenge- Friday Dare Post(Topic-Suicide)

Today’s challenge

Depression is real, not an act of publicity.
Suicides happen in real and it’s not easy.

Suicide is not a easy thing to go with, when someone chooses death over life, there must be something he/she is not able to deal with and finally decides to give up(not everyone but a lot). It’s a serious issue for many. Today, leave a note about what you think about this topic. :slightly_smiling_face:

This challenge will end at midnight today. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Depression is real people think that it’s an act of publicity but that’s not the reality when u feel depressed u may not able to see the publicity.
Sucides happen in real and all were think that the most coword person will do a sucide becuz they don’t have the courage to live the life and face the problems. Get murdered is easy becuz someone else harm u but when u hurt yourself and commit sucide its not easy at all that’s the reason the most Courgeful person commit sucide. But use your courage to life your life with problem face them easily with this courage.But sucide is not the solution anymore do face the problem it can destroyed your image but not your life.
This world negotiate u make u feel bad or down but u have a second chance to prove them wrong make your life worthful. But when u commit sucide u have no other chance anymore.
they think do a sucide and free yourself with problem but it makes your love ones shameful and depressed…
Do not commit sucide it’s a request…
~jani @Nagma_lafzo_ka

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Very well said @Nagma_lafzo_ka❤️

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