Today's challenge- Friday Appreciation Post (theme-teacher)

Today’s challenge

Thank you note to a Teacher.

Knowledge is power and the base for knowledge is none other than a teacher. As we are approaching to the appreciation day to all the teachers, make a quote to appreciate a teacher in your life and say what you are thankful for. :slightly_smiling_face:

Any language can be used. :slightly_smiling_face:

This challenge will end at midnight today. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The best one will be featured on our social media handles. :slightly_smiling_face:
Keep writing. :writing_hand:


My hindi teacher,

Dear mam,
Such a honour to have a teacher like u. I never thought that your advices are such useful for me. I always thought that why u never punished anyone and i can’t think that’s your words are more than powerful to your actions when u teach us, whats wrong and what’s right for us. That tym your words are bang on that we start shameful for ourselves and that’s the power for your word. I m a active student but never a good scorer. And u always told me that if I tried so can score good and i thought I can’t but u have the faith that’s why I Got a good percentage in 12th. U are the best teacher best mentor and best person as well. I always appreciate your advices. And applied in myself…


Thanking the people who share their knowledge and contribute the most important things to every sector is needed the most. We often celebrate a particular profession but the people behind their success are least appreciated. Noone can ever be more thankful to a teacher. They scold, they complain, they make rules and none of these for their own benifit. I have seen how proud they become while talking about a old bright student and how insanely laugh talking about the most disturbing one. They are the family, friend, philosopher, guide. If the teaching profession becomes a little more flexible, learning will be more interesting, that’s for sure. But appreciating the efforts because of what we are wherever we are, is the least we can do. I send my respect and love to all I have learnt anything from, even a small lesson. HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY. :open_hands::heart:
Here I want to thank the mentors, guides and everything because of whom YoAlfaaz is here for us. Thank you two, I have learnt a lot from you and want to continue more. Best wishes. :heart:


Thanks a lot @unknown_soul this is all because of our great team and great you :slightly_smiling_face: