Today's challenge- Dare post

Today’s challenge is a Dare for you!

"One regret I still carry within myself."

We all have regrets at some point of our lives, some of us manage to work on those and some of us can’t.
Why don’t we share one of them?
May be sharing yours can help someone out there!
Let’s pen it down! :blush:
This challenge will end at midnight today. :slightly_smiling_face:
The best one will be featured on our social media handles. :slightly_smiling_face:
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“One regret I still carry within myself” is one when I choose my clg subject and stream and I say yes to bachelor’s of art because my parents adviced me that this cource is good for me becuz its the parth to become a ias and it helps me to achive my goal but this is not my stream I filled fasion designing in my form and leave that for my parents opinion how silly I am…
~anjali by @nagama_lafzo_ka


Young, I was
Raring, raring
To break free from ‘shackles’
‘Shackles’ imaginary the mind perceived
The time came
A choice was to be made
Stay back or fly off to land distant
Wings fluttered, mind determined
Soared off to land distant
Leaving nest secure, comforting

One regret I still carry within myself is not spending enough time with the one I was closest to - my dad. After my 10th standard examinations, I had the choice to stay back with my parents in the North of the country and continue my education in the local school/college, or move to our native place at the other end of the country i.e the extreme south. The yearning to be on my own away from what the mind perceived as ‘shackles’ (which in truth was the security of my home) made me opt for a pasture that looked greener. Thus began a journey, a journey that took me far away from my hero, my dad. Then started the sense of loss, of regret. Dad being busy and in an important position, the meetings with him were rare. We met only once in two years when he would come down on leave for a month. Of course, the weekly letters were there, but then there is nothing like the warmth of the physical presence. Is there? :thinking:By the time dad retired and came down to settle down South, I was already married and into a career. Roles reversed I could manage to meet him only when I could take a few days off from office, but the very thought that he was just a few hours away was reassuring. However, life had other plans and he passed away exactly three years after settling down in his retired life, thus depriving me of his charismatic presence and love.

Wish I could turn back the clock and go back to that day when I decided to spread my wings. I know now that given a chance I’d opt for staying back with him at home and continue my studies in the local school/ college.

There is nothing more soothing
There is nothing that offers more happiness
There is nothing more secure
Than the bonds that make a home.


“One regret I still carry within myself”
Which I am sharing now with your help
After that regret,I have not created a single chance …
Which I have to regret in advance .

It was the time when everything was going fine…
I had just begun to shine…

Suddenly something strange had happend…
Which have disturbed me than…

I was at age of fourteen…
Just come to age of teen.

Have you heard of depression…??
Yes…off course as now a days it is so common.

I was suffering from that…
Not even knowing how to fight.

It was because of me…
I used to think of all what I see…

It’s all over in 6 months …
But it has broken me in chunks…

My dream…my aim…all had been affected…
But it’s the life…and it’s every decision I have respected .

I stood up once again…
Dreaming have began…

Look … I my flying so high…
…in the huge sky.

Fulfilling my goals…
Playing my roles.

Eager to do better . …
That’s what matter .

At the end ,
I would like to say .
Enjoy life with happiness and gay.


welcome @geetaavij to YoAlfaaz family :slightly_smiling_face:
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keep writing and sharing :slightly_smiling_face:

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One regret i still carry within myself is that i dont know it . I tried hard thinking about it but i always go for the positive side so i am unable to find one. I just forgets the past and enjoy the present.

If i have regrets than i regrets in that moment where i could not enjoy or I regrets when someone become sad because of me or I regrets when i could not study more so that i could get better marks or I regrets when unintentionally hurt my parents or there is many more things in my day to day life which i regrets but still i believe that everything is happening is good and what will happen that will also be good.

I am not saying , i am perfect but i am trying each and every day to do better and be better like better than tomorrow. I want to move on till i get tired . I want to live on till i died. I want to live in the moment. I want to love myself the way i am.


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