Today's Challenge/Appreciation post

We don’t appreciate small efforts of our dear ones sometimes, isn’t it?
Yes, it’s not always necessary but who doesn’t feel good to be appreciated on a random day!
Let’s make a short appreciation note to someone you think of first, reading this post!

Let’s counter some positive emotions today.:heart:
This challenge will end at midnight today.
The best reply will be featured on our social media handles! :slight_smile:


Hey bacha,
It’s a new day new morning so I want us to be new. You love me so much I know baby but you did some mistakes I did some mistakes and mistakes makes misunderstanding let’s do one thing. Start a new beginning with small promises now we never left each other. We make this love relationship a long-lasting and a life long relationship. Let’s promise to each other we never hide anything. We never lie to each other. We appreciate what we are and love each other for being real…
I love u so much and I want u to marry with me
~anjali by @Nagma_lafzo_ka