Today’s challenge / आज का चैलेंज- Write about the Picture

Today’s challenge / आज का चैलेंज

Write your original lines with what comes to your mind looking at this beautiful picture given above. :slightly_smiling_face:

Both Hindi and English are allowed.

Follow the tags for the forms of the write up.

Per person, only one reply is allowed. This challenge will end at midnight today.

Best reply will be featured on our social media handle. :slightly_smiling_face:

Keep writing. :writing_hand:


तेरी नज़र उतारू
या मन्नत मांगू
किस चौखट से उतरेगा तेरा साया।

उफ्फ ये नाराज़गी में तेरी ख़ामोशी ।
हिचकियों को शय देकर मेरी नींद को कराया ज़ाया ।


kya baat hai… ese hi lekhte rhe😊 @TALIB_ahmed

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