Today’s challenge//आज का चैलेंज//Write about the picture

Today’s challenge / आज का चैलेंज


Write your original lines with what comes to your mind looking at the picture given above.

Follow the tags for the forms of the write up.
Per person, only one reply is allowed. This challenge will end at midnight today.

Best reply will be featured on our social media handle. :slightly_smiling_face:


I am what I am. I am my original self. I am unique. You laugh at me or mock me, nothing will change about me. I am I . I am not disturbed by your laugh or mock. I will remain strong and go all along. I will work towards my conscience and grow. So, get away from here and stop the nonsense. Leave me alone.
But…wait…don’t go to another person and do the same. You start working on your own self to better yourself. All the very best for a better you :+1:


Me iss duniya se alag hu kyuki me bhedchal nahi chalti hu,
Vo haste h mujhpr chlo me kisi ke to chere ki hasi to banti hu,
Vo jale mujhse hase mujhpr I don’t care vala attitude rkhti hu,
Kyuki me kuch alg hu isliye duniya ke liye laughter ka zariya banti hu…
anjali @Nagma_lafzo_ka


कुछ अकेला हो गया हूं इन भीड़ मै ,
जो समझे नहीं मुझे कभी
खो गया हूं कहीं उनमें ।
सोच कर मैं बड़ा हस्ता हूं ,
कोई है क्या मेरी जिंदगी में ?